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  • Kes-Chuks Worldwide Limited
  • Bliss Multimedia Publications and Consultancy Limited
  • Lionface 247 Security Limited
  • The Business Courtroom Academy (TBCA)
  • Blessing Chambers
  • Channel of Blessing Foundation (CBF)

All of these will be detailed in their various pages in this website.


Every business both small scale and large scale need to keep their active clients and also grow new clients.
Research over the years proves that 89.5% of successful business gave a minimum of 30% of their profit on advertisement.
With a population of 167 million and the biggest internet market in Africa. Expert reveals in April 2015, that Eighty two percent (82%) of mobile phone user access the internet with their device on daily basis.

As the spectrum of mobile user increases, the need to market services direct to mobile phone with the website Url directly on their mobile phones where they can see all the features in the products and services also increases. Over the years, mobile advertisement have continuous witness unprecedented growth with an indication of 95% opening rate compare to other advertisement channels.
Expert had revealed that messages sent to mobile phone has 95% opening rate which shows advertisement deliver to the target audience.
The mobile advertising spectrum ranges from short message services (SMS) to mobile phones to engage audience.
We provide one of the fastest, affordable & most reliable Bulk SMS service in Nigeria. is a dependable Bulk SMS portal purposely built to serve and satisfy your needs in all ramifications. Our Bulk SMS service will however increases your traffic, boost your sales and smoothen your business which makes you outstanding in your respective niche. has unique and latest features which makes it easier for our clients to use. This Bulk SMS website is clearly exceptional because it provides expected and adequate solutions to all communication barriers as our API delivers your SMS campaign to both DND and FREE DND. Our Bulk SMS website also fills in the gap which in turn ensures cordial relationship between our customers and their clients.
However, we ensure that our Bulk SMS Service is terminated through the best Bulk SMS gateway provider and this has really helped us to have the fastest and immediate Bulk SMS delivery irrespective of the recipient’s location. delivers at the speed of light to the targeted recipients’ irrespective of the total GSM numbers. We provide the complete valid GSM database needed to cover 36 States separated by State and Local government and the authenticity can be verified by Name, and Gender.

We provide API for SMS Gateway Implementation and 24/7 monitoring by our admin for effective SMS delivery.
Also, we have a flexible payment option directly on our Bulk SMS portal where your Bulk SMS account with us will be automatically credited immediately you effect the payment on our platform (online payment).

At Chisonia SMS Solutions, the interest of our clients remains our utmost priority and that’s why we give our client’s a special treatment and with God on our side, it has really increased us from every aspect of our business today.

Signup for membership and enjoy our wonderful packages.


We believe that for any business to thrive especially in this digital era, Email list building is one system that must be established. Many great business today have a list of building system in place and it keeps adding more people to their list day in, day out.
As a result of this list, they are able to make money and more money from their business activities. No wonder today, one of the internet marketing guru, according to him have built various lists across many markets. According to him, you are not in business when you are not building list because the “list is the BUSINESS”.

At K.B Chukwuedo Group, we assist businesses to set up their Bulk Emailing System (B.E.S) so that they could be able to send unlimited Emails to their subscribers and/or target audience.
We also train business owners, organizations on how to get real and Targeted Email/GSM numbers Database for their offers and thereby building their Customers database.

In addition, we also offer Email Cleaning Services. It is no doubt that in Email marketing services you have to “clean up” and “validate” email addresses list before you make use of it.


We develop internet enable text message application and provide GSM database of your preferred targeted campaigns, to fast track expansion and prove effective SMS marketing. We setup bulk SMS portal for people who are interested in sending Bulk SMS through their own SMS Portal and integrate our API. Like Churches, NGOs, Schools, Banks, Politicians and some other cooperatives. We develop API for those that already have their own bulk SMS portal. Our SMS portal is one of the best amongst most text messaging company in Nigeria. If a web portal is well designed it attracts people to register and start making use of the portal immediately and even refer others to join and register.


We develop websites with a unique look and with the passion of true designers.  We are professionals when it comes to designing a responsive website. We design websites for Churches, NGO’s, Schools, Real estates, Hotels, E-commerce etc. Our design is unique with excellent features and we have software for School’s Administrative management.

Have a successful website built by our team of professional experts. We offer you website development options such as static, dynamic, Do-it-Yourself and custom made CMS websites that grow as your business grows.


Advertising has long been the lifeblood of commercial industry growth. Advertising campaigns have shaped popular culture, and launched brands into the public eye.
To grow your brand, you need effective advertising. To simply run ads isn’t enough; you need to craft campaigns that speak directly to your target audience, campaigns that excite and activate them. This is why we offer you the Two Best marketing tools which is bulk SMS marketing and Email Marketing solutions.


 Content remains the king. Be it sales letter, eBooks, blog posts, freelance writers etc. you don’t need to bug yourself or worry anymore because with our professional team of writers, we ensure your business grows exponentially through our persuasive and irresistible content development.


Do you know that the first place Customers look at when they want to shop is Online? Every minute, someone is searching for something relevant to your Shop items, and the best way to get found easily and sell your products to them fast, even while you are sleeping is to leverage the power of eCommerce Website.

That is why you need a professional to handle your eCommerce website development. We are vast in eCommerce and we assist you in any form of your eCommerce business from product sourcing, importing to delivery, warehousing, marketing and online store set up. Our exporting service delivery is launching out any moment now.


Our training arm remains The Business Courtroom Academy (TBCA) where we provide symbolic and qualitative online business and mobile marketing training in some core areas of internet marketing such as bulk SMS marketing, email marketing, Profitable Online / Internet Business Success Coaching, Mentoring and others. For Online Business Training and Courses, visit or the page called TBCA in this website.

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