Who We Are

Channel of Blessing Foundation is an NGO, duly registered here in Nigeria, amongst other places with the corporate affairs commission (CAC) corporate affairs commission (CAC) with certificate No CAC/IT/ No.60261 and within the short period of our existence/ official inauguration of this God given vision, many lives have been affected positively.

Unlike the regular NGO, Channel of Blessing Foundation (CBF) is an off shoot of CBF International Fellowship with its headquarters in the United Kingdom and operational base in Asaba, Delta-state, Nigeria.

Channel of Blessing Foundation (CBF) was inaugurated in Nigeria on the 24th February 2013 and the CBF Fellowship took off 4th of May 2013.

Channel of Blessing Foundation has a 7 point Agenda as follows:

  • Education sponsorship
  • Feed the hungry
  • Empowerment for tomorrow (CBF School of Skill Acquisition)
  • Medical care/ assistance
  • Service to humanity
  • Give hope/ lending a helping hand
  • Preach the gospel through music (CBF Praise Team)

CBF was established by a mandate to carry out its seven point and foster sustainable development in Nigeria and the world at large.

In conjunction with its parent body (Channel of Blessing Foundation Ministries), local and international partners, the foundation remains committed to improving individual and communal lives through investments, project that nurture beneficiaries inherent abilities, care/respect people's dignity and help create economic value in their lives.


Nine member board appointed based on recommendations and merit.

Other members come with relevant experience that will add value to the activities of the foundation.


Education, being number one on the list of our seven point agenda, is our major focus, to see that everyone desirous of going to school but have no means, will be enabled by the CBF scholarship scheme to give them a dream Come true experience, as CBF is passionate about lending a helping hand, hence this scheme was approved by the board of trustees.

However award of this scheme need to maintain their cumulative grade point average (CGPA) to remains on the scheme.


This is the empowerment phase of the foundation to support everyone who desire to acquire skilful knowledge on various vocation and craft. The foundation rely on support from partners, other NGO's and good spirited people to build a school to accommodate various training programs. Also worthy to note here, that one of our partner (Kes-Chuks Nigeria Limited) has provided us with the needed expanse of land for this project.


(CBF) running its head office in London, United Kingdom, with other branches in South Africa, Ghana and a correspondence/operational office in Asaba, Delta State Nigeria and the world at large offering a sustainable and focused platform through which the organization would drive its activities worldwide.

In conjunction with parent body (Channel of Blessing Foundation Ministries worldwide), CBF partners and every member of the crew, remains committed to improving individual that nurture lives through investment, project that nurture beneficiary's inherent abilities, care for and help create economic value in their lives.


To deliver its seven point agenda and be the leader among NGO's within and outside Nigeria measured by sustainability of our projects as well as give hope, life and future to the down trodden around us, thereby building a society filled with vibrant young people with dream /hope for the future.

Ultimately also, to de-populated hell, that the kingdom of God be populated as we lend a helping hand in service to humanity.


To improve the quality of life in the areas of education, health, economic empowerment, service to humanity as a whole, alongside preaching the gospel of Christ through music ministration (CBF Praise Team) and fellowship with brethren on weekly and monthly basis in such a way to impact positively in the life of beneficiaries and everyone that believes in the CBF vision, within the scope of our seven point agenda.


This is the engine room of the foundation, where effective prayers are made fervently. Channel of Blessing Foundation can be said to be an off- shoot of Channel of Blessing Foundation ministries worldwide.

  • Education sponsorship
  • Feed the Hungry
  • Empowerment of tomorrow (CBF school of skill Acquisition)
  • Medical care /Assistance
  • Service to Humanity
  • Give hope/Lending a helping hand
  • Preach the Gospel through music (CBF praise Team)
  • CBF "I Care" Team
    • CBF Welfare/Visitation Unit
    • CBF School of Skill Acquisition
  • CBF Praise Team
  • CBF Prayer Team
  • CBF Drama Team
  • CBF Bookshop


CBF partners with both public and credible private organization to execute sustainable projects in every of the chosen focus areas. CBF receives and processes proposals monthly. The foundation is committed to ensuring that the selection and approval of its projects are conducted in a manner that is transparent, systematic, and efficient^ the promoting of its mission. As such approved guidelines are strictly adhered to, in the selection of projects and partner organizations.

CBF is here to also elevate the living standard of the down trodden with the aim of making life more meaningful for all through sustainable programs and economic empowerment that would lead to self-employment and economic self- reliance. The CBF I CARE unit/ team has embarked on various empowerment programs to enable people in different vocational skills, also avail cash gift to entrepreneurs to start their own business and also given out educational scholarships to some children.

In this foundation, we put in our time, resources and energy to God's work as He commanded in our seven point agenda

Which are:

  • Education sponsorship
  • Feed the hungry
  • Empowerment for tomorrow
  • Medical Care/ Assistance
  • Service to humanity
  • Give hope/ lending a helping hand

Preach the gospel through music (CBF Praise Team).

  • To alleviate the burden/ challenges currently facing the less privileged in the world.
  • To provide access to corridor of education, good care, and the basic amenities of life.
  • Vision to be global leader in the provision of service to humanity, and preaching the gospel of our lord and saviour Jesus Christ to ensure that hell is de-populated and heaven populated.
  • Touching lives positively and scripturally.

In CBF, we as much as possible try to address the needs of widows, orphans, unemployed youths and the aged in our society by helping to provide food and nutrition, water, sanitation, education, health care, Godly livelihood, and community development, also helping families and people globally achieve lasting self-sufficiency.


Channel of Blessing Foundation (CBF) comprises of professionals in various field and experienced individuals with great wealth of information and experience. Great team of dedicated and well qualified personnel of various fields.

  • Must be in line with the foundation key areas.
  • Must not be profit oriented i.e. no commercial intention but be purely charitable inclined.
  • Must be sustainable for a foreseeable future.
  • Must have a board community impact, both directly and indirectly.
  • Must not be for personal, political or individual benefits.
  • Must be an incorporated entity and must have been in operation for at least two years.
  • Must have a proven record of successful implementation of projects.
  • Must demonstrate technical expertise in the focus area of the project
  • Must show evidence of adequate man power and a reputable board and management profile.
  • Must have a functional financial system and audited financial statement.
  • Must have adequate geographical presence in relation to the roll out plan of the proposed project.

CBF strongly believe that with your kind donation and support in any way will bring the realization of our goal, you can be part of this epoch history making event by partnering with this foundation henceforth, and together we will heal the world and also fulfil scriptures. As you harden not your heart and respond to this clarion call, you will see the God of CBF in the power of His majesty as written in Psalm 41 vs. 1-2, may Jehovah Almighty bless you in all your endeavours.

Account Name : Channel Of Blessing Foundation (CBF) Account Number : 1140020232 Skye Bank PLC


I commend you for taking out time to visit our website and study all about the channel of blessing foundation (CBF). We embarked on this journey on the 24th February, 2013 being the CBF lunching /inauguration day. (The God of CBF has been faithful).

I am delighted with the progress made by God through this foundation since inception, and the significance of the numerous projects and activities which we have been involved in. This journey has taken us through several memorable roads, touching lives and building enduring friendships along the way, while we have made long lasting impact within and outside Nigeria in the lives of our beneficiaries during our fellowships, our commitment to adding value in the lives of our brothers and sisters is evident in everything we do, a lot of children can now go to school because of our CBF scholarship scheme, others have and can still acquire skilful training via our CBF school of skill acquisition and a lot more. We are pleased to note our efforts have spurred widespread recognition of the benefits of living a Christ like life here on earth; we do not also have any iota of doubt that our heavenly Father is proud of us in CBF as His worthy children of light.

Indeed we are excited about the immense possibilities and potentials of our foundation's development, however we are also keenly aware of bigger challenges, to ensure that CBF team is not motivated by the need for publicity but is driven by genuine commitment to improve the quality of life of the people that we can reach out to during our weekly and monthly fellowships and more.

This is part of our vision and mission, and with a team of dedicated board of trustees and staff, the ever present backing/presence of the God of CBF (Oba lyanu) in all we do.

Importantly also, the support of our partnering companies:

  • Kes-Chuks Worldwide Limited
  • Bliss Multimedia
  • LionFace 247 Security Limited
  • The Business Courtroom Academy

Pst. Barr.(Mrs.) K.B. Chukwuedo
(CBF Founder/ Initiator)



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