Who We Are

Making the World a Better Place

Kes-Chuks is a name synonymous with excellent when it comes to Real Estate Services. A company registered in Nigeria, South Africa, and now headquartered in the United Kingdom. Our impeccable growth is a testament to the merit of our hard work and dedication to the success and development of our “Pet project” (Kes-Chuks Prime Estate) across Nigeria and overseas.

Kes-Chuks Properties is a global real estate brand, specializing in providing a premium service through exceptional marketing and professionalism in the real estate industry. Kes-Chuks markets and sells hundreds of Nigeria`s most remarkable homes annually and provides real estate advisory services to blue chip companies, corporate organisations and institutional clients individuals since joining the global network.

Whether you are looking for a modern luxury home or a smart home with latest modern conveniences, or you prefer an eco-friendly home, or landed properties, we can help you find it all.

Kes-Chuks Vision: To be a world-class real estate firm and a market leader in each of the international destinations in which we operate, by providing unsurpassing quality services, innovative products and unique investment opportunities.

Global Reputation:

With over 40,000 client base globally and an ever expending network of real estate professionals, Kes-Chuks has become one of the World`s largest and most prestigious real estate network.

Marketing Style:

Kes-Chuks sets high standards in the professional real estate service sector with its multi award winning “Lifestyle”, marketing approach and we deliver a portfolio of exclusive high-end properties that are marketed uniquely, creatively and effectively to the widest possible audience. Our consistent efforts to offer innovative marketing combined with a high level of service have been recognised globally, and that give birth to Kes-Chuks UK Limited.

Services we can offer you in Kes-Chuks Limited

Specialized Real Estate Research, Advisory and Analysis.

Kes-Chuks is known worldwide for its unique blend of intelligent and creative marketing, coupled with a professional approach.

Our Aim is to set out the means and methods by which a development should be estimated in terms of pricing, location and marketing budgets, providing a helpful guide to excellent property market research practice.

  • Research creative market analysis.
  • Feasibility Report.
  • Project Value Enhancers.
  • Pricing Advisory.
  • Project sales administration/ lease administration.

What We Do

Making it Real

In Kes-Chuks Properties: We combine our expertise in real estate business strategy and marketing to high net worth clients, as well as customer profitability with an in-depth knowledge in sales and management. We work with clients to develop market strategies tailored for each client.

By instructing Kes-Chuks Properties to sell, you can trust that your property will be available at our offline global offices and all our online platforms.

A major strength of Kes-Chuks Properties is the powerful ability to market property on a local, regional, National, and international level.

Our Real Estate marketing presentation and branding services.

Kes-Chuks Properties reviews and analyses the clients brand, identify and brand image. We will deliver a full integrated marketing presentation program for high and clients and their brand through creative development, rebranding, newsletters, publications, brochures, to generate marketing activities, securing revenue, and strengthen your position by creating a solid brand, poised to attract a premium in the market.

  • We develop a brand concept and identify if not available.
  • Generate marketing collaterals like brochures, mailers, banners, web ads.
  • Advertising packages in national and international publications.

Specialized Advertising/ Media PR Services:

With the help of our sister company (Bliss Multimedia Publications and Consultancy Limited), we offer a wide range of creative marketing and focused professional ad services, bringing high impact and wide spread exposure and distribution, using our marketing platform as leverage.

Should you instruct Kes-Chuks Properties to sell your development, we will play a very important role to ensure your development reaches extensive national and international audience, using Bliss Multimedia marketing channels across diverse media platforms, combining professionally produced creative materials as well as third party industry platforms online and offline.

Instruct a Kes-Chuks Properties consultant, then sit back and relax as a comprehensive marketing strategy spring into action on your behalf.

Executive search service with the instrumentality of our CEO being a senior legal practitioner of great repute and recognition.

Portfolio Review, management and advisory.

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