Lionface 247 Security Limited

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Who We Are

We are a Nigerian Limited Liability Company registered in Nigeria for the provision of advanced security technology service.

Our products and services includes but not limited to the following;

  • Private security guards.
  • Vehicle escorts/ surveillance.
  • Residential, Business, Industrial security.
  • Body guards.
  • Guard dogs.
  • Seaports and Airport security.
  • Safety doors.
  • Project security management.
  • Shopping centre security.
  • Sales of security spy equipment’s.
  • Journey/ Risk management.
  • ICT solution Providers.
  • Website Design/ Hosting.
  • CCTV cameras (sales) and installations.
  • Intercom, Device, Security Doors.
  • Bio metrics.
  • Staff Record management.
  • Finger capture.
  • Picture capture/ Card Editor.
  • Users access control.
  • Comprehensive reporting.
  • Expanded user interface.
  • Installation of security systems.
  • Training and consultancy.
  • Auditing services to vessels and ports.
  • Electronic fencing.

What we Do

LionFace 247 Security Limited, was set up to meet the demands for professional security knowledge and capabilities for the industrial, private and government sectors.

We have established our reputation at the forefront of security companies in Nigeria, utilizing a wide range of most advanced security systems and gadgets, teams of high standard professional guards and leading security services, using the latest methods, technological equipment and knowledge.

Our company is being consulted by individuals and corporate bodies, outside Nigeria.

Our company is the first choice of many security-conscious organisations, businessmen and high profile figures.

Client List

Among the unending list of our client base are Prime ministers, Ministers, top government officials and high ranking visitors from abroad and many others.

No doubt, our company (LionFace 247) has a solid capital base, sound management team as well as a dedicated work force who are committed to long lasting business relationship. This is achieved through proactive and preventive security approach, instant response to distress calls, constant re-appraisals of security situation and identify areas of present and potential security threats with a view to proffering solutions. All these are communicated by regular updated reports to clients.

We are very conversant with the trend of crime in the country and we have also put in place systematic antidote for crime, as we place emphasis on regular training and retaining of our guards and management team, where they are constantly exposed to modern security techniques and equipped with knowledge suitable not only for corporate entails or static guard, but for also provision of security advisory services, orderlies, security details, mobile personal body guards, escort service and security drivers service and so many more.

Our Approach

A security partnership needs to be more than personal resources. LionFace 247 is one of the top security companies in Nigeria because of our high quality based and result oriented approach. Our company is supported and facilitated by state-of-the-art technology, as well as an international based presence.

The Core of Our Success
  • Quality employee engagement programs.
  • An industry-leading learning and development philosophy.
  • A dedication to understand our clients and their business.
  • Customizing our branded security solution that will help our clients achieve their goals.
Our Strategy/ Vision

Our strategic emphasis is to be one of the leading and diverse holding companies with specialized expertise in private/ machinery security sector.

Our Values

Our set values have kept us excelling at all times. Subscribe to one of our numerous services today.

LionFace 247 values integrity, vigilance and helpfulness, hence our employees can build trust with clients, colleagues and surrounding communities.


LionFace 247 is an integrity based firm and we do not compromise on that.

Our Mission

Our mission is to render quality security services to the citizenry and clients in the most effective and efficient manner achieved through good corporate governance and adherence to sound ethical standards with the ultimate aim of ensuring stakeholders are happy partners in progress.

Sectors we cover, but not limited to are

  • Oil and gas sector.
  • Financial institutions.
  • Real Estate.
  • Key holding Services.
  • Personal Property.
  • Telecoms/ Security gadget installation.
  • Blue-chip companies.
  • Government Agencies.

Performance Management System;

In LionFace 247, we are always on the lookout for highly skilled, enthusiastic and dedicated people, who can contribute to our continuing success. We understand that to a large extent, the ability of a company to be successful depends greatly on human resources. This our system has helped us develop our people and ensure performing individuals are adequately rewarded.

 LionFace 247 Security Limited is a great place to work.

Interested/ Qualified candidates can send their resume to us at: