Barr (Mrs.) K.B. Chukwuedo


K.B. Chukwuedo (Mrs.), is a Lawyer by training, an Ordained Pastor, a Wife, a Mother, a Life and Business Coach, a Great Entrepreneur, an Internet Business Advocate, passionate about her charity/ NGO work, alongside her numerous local and international businesses.

Barr. (Mrs.) Chukwuedo, believes any dedicated person can work from anywhere, even from the comfort of one’s home. As an online business coach, she works with businesses and individuals to increase their leads, sales and profits by up to 60% in less than 90 days, using online marketing.

She is the founder of an online academy (, for people who are seeking wealth creation using the internet technology.

Outside her legal practice and her global gospel ministry work, she loves to connect with her students, mentees, trainees, clients via her sites ( and (, also her social media handles inclusive.

Barr. (Mrs.) Chukwuedo, work and coach corporate organisations,professionals and entrepreneurs who want to start, grow and brand their dream business online,and build legally protected businesses, so they can live a highly fulfilling and empowered life. She offers several coaching programs targeted at helping people connect with their core and open their eyes to opportunities around and within them leveraging on the internet.

The internet is a powerful tool that enables one to earn multiple streams of income from different online business from the comfort of one’s home and with the right information and mentoring from huge financial upgrade is achievable.

K.B Chukwuedo (Mrs.), is a living proof that you can make money with your passion, build a profitable business around it and absolutely enjoying a life of impact to others, regardless of location. Using her experience in the legal platform and a blend of business success, she has been able to coach 5,000 students, across over nine countries, through her online courses.

List of Professional Bodies where K.B. Chukwuedo (Mrs) holds membership are:

  • Nigerian Bar Association (Asaba Branch) (Member)
  • International Bar Association (Member)
  • British Nigerian law Forum (Member)
  • Commonwealth Lawyers Association - (Member)
  • Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators of Nigeria (Proposed Member)



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As a certified result and business coach, I offer transformational coaching to entrepreneurs and professionals who want to start, grow and brand their dream businesses online.

I like opening the eyes of people to see opportunities in and around them, so they can make money and own a profitable business through their talents, passion, experience and unique skills.

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